A Program to Help Your Child Think, Speak, Move & Thrive.

Easy and impactful, The My Baby Compass Kit contains 3 manuals, 14 booklets and a CD Rom. It helps your child: Think Speak, Move and Thrive. The program consists of three phases, Birth to Two, Two to Four and Four to Seven. It thoroughly covers identification of skills and activities in the areas of: speech (talks), hearing (hears), physical (moves), cognitive (understands), social/emotional (feels) and vision (contains skills only). The program can be started at any time by purchasing the individual manuals that matches your child’s age, however, if your child has been diagnosed with a developmental delay, it is best to start at the age level of his diagnosis.


Our Beginning

Built for parents and professionals as an evidence informed program, My Baby Compass represents 30 plus years of  innovation in the field of Speech Pathology.  Founded By Kathy Gruhn, My Baby Compass is a powerful tool that bridges the gap between parents and professionals.  

"My Baby Compass is a must-have for busy new families."

– Elizabeth B. Simpson, MA CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist


"New parents find themselves busier than they would ever believe.  But new parents also want to do the very best for their new little ones.  Kathy Gruhn’s program makes ‘doing the right things’ much easier by placing checklist, activities and developmental targets within easy reach.  The pull-out checklists and activities make it a cinch to locate the correct information for your toddler’s stages.  Having the words and motions to many songs and nursery rhymes makes talking with your child easy and interesting. My Baby Compass is a must-have for busy new families."